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WAHL PIK Attachment

WAHL PIK Attachment

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The pik attachment allows the heat to be directed to the root of the hair. The long, high heat resistant teeth allow you to easily direct the power to the root of the hair. The teeth also assist in detangling and straightening your hair in one step.

The hot air flow is conducted to the roots of the hair, so that the moisture on the surface of the hair is quickly dried, reducing the time required to blow the hair, reducing the damage.

This professional salon tool designed to effectively dry voluminous, afro Caribbean, thick, curly, frizzy and wavy hair as well as gain volume without frizz.

Designed to be used on our Power Oik

3000 (ZX962), Power PIK 5000  (ZX857) and Power Pik 2 (ZY017).

Made from plastic, the long teeth ae strong and durable as well as heat resistant to prevent bending and misshaping.

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