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MHP- Italian Myplex Bond Repair 2 x 10ml Sachet

MHP- Italian Myplex Bond Repair 2 x 10ml Sachet

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A unique formulation of its kind able to bind stably to the structure of the hair, both sensitized or natural, guaranteeing the following features: reconstruction, protection, brightness, volume and strength

The incomparable technical versatility of myPlex bond kreator, allows both the use in combination with oxidation dyes and bleaches to protect the hair against the aggression of alkaline and oxidizing agents, as well as pure application as a tonic for the hair fiber, by adjusting the porosity, achieving more uniform and consistent results in treatments such as straighteners and permanents. By its nature prevents thermal damage caused by plates and curling irons.


NO 1  Use as a bond repair agent during bleaching or colouring for damaged hair. Mix in with bleach or hair colour in bowl.  Carry out bleach or colouring process as normal. 

No 2 Use after bleach or colouring, rinse hair of bleach or colour use as a conditioner leave on for as long as possible. Recommend 20mins minimum. Rinse off and style 

Use No 1 and No 2  Mix these together as an intense bond repair treatment in between bleaching or colouring. Leave on for as long as possible 20 minutes minimum (longer the better) rinse off and style 


these are available in 500ml bottles see other listing 

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