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Schwarzkopf Professional Natural Styling Neutraliser 1000ml

Schwarzkopf Professional Natural Styling Neutraliser 1000ml

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Natural Styling Schwarzkopf Professional is the secret behind perfectly defined curls, with a completely natural look! The neutralization fits perfectly with the transformation lotion so you are guaranteed the best possible transformation of style! Natural Styling has two neutralization formulas, perfect for all Schwarzkopf Professional Professional transformation lotions. Instructions: Hydrowave Neutraliser has two different variants for different hair types. The standard Neutraliser is to be used for unruly and normal hair.

Key benefits

  • Neutralisation to seal the form result
  • provide additional care for perfect conditioned results, even on porous hair.
  • Perfect for use with all NATURAL STYLING products from 2 to 3 to ensure thorough and even neutralisation

How to use

After the development of Natural Styling perm lotion, rinse the perm lotion from the hair thoroughly for 5 minutes. Blot each roller to remove excess water. Pour approximately 100ml of Natural Styling Neutraliser+ into a plastic bowel. Starting in the nape of the neck, apply 2/3 of the neutraliser to each roller. Leave to process for 5 mins. Gently remove the rollers without pulling the hair. Apply the remaining 1/3 neutraliser to the lengths and ends of the hair. Leave for a further 5 mins. Rinse with warm water for a minimum of 5 mins to ensure all neutraliser is removed.


Contains hydrogen peroxide. Avoid contact with eyes. Rinse eyes immediately if product comes into contact with them. Wear suitable gloves. Follow the instructions. Keep out of reach of children. For Professional Use Only.

Notes for sale of product; Professional Use- when purchasing you are confirming you have the professional qualifications to use the product

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