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Schwarzkopf Blondme Pastel Toning 60ml

Schwarzkopf Blondme Pastel Toning 60ml

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The BlondMe toning series with Anti-Metal Bond Protection Technology gives excellent blonde results and is ideal for bases 8 to 10. It is the indispensable last step after any lightening procedure. It intensifies the blonde shade or ensures a perfectly balanced neutralisation of undesirable warm undertones. All available shades can be mixed with each other thus allowing limitless creativity.


  • With Anti-Metal Bond Protection Technology that protects the hair fibre during the lightening process and minimises damage as breakage
  • With HydroLock technology for improved moisture supply
  • The ammonia-free, pH-neutral formulation ensures that further hair damage is minimised
  • Versatile consistency for brush & bottle application
  • Perfectly balanced neutralisation & sophisticated colour enhancement


Apply to wet hair.If BlondMe Pastel Toning is used after bleaching or lightening, finish the oxidation process with a BlondMe Mask first.Mix BlondMePastel Toning and BlondMe Premium Developer 2%|7 vol. in a ratio of 1:1. Mix carefully until you get an even mixture. Apply the cream colour immediately after mixing. Apply the product liberally to achieve the best possible, even colour results.Exposure time: Up to 20 minutes.Check visually from time to time. Additional heat is NOT recommended

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