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Schwarzkopf Blondme Deep Toning 60ml

Schwarzkopf Blondme Deep Toning 60ml

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The essential toning series for starting bases 5 to 8 ensures perfect blonde results. This is the optimal way to refine previously lightened, darker starting bases or naturally blonde hair resulting in sophisticated tone enhancement. All shades can be mixed with each other to allow limitless creativity.


  • With integrated Anti-Metal Bond Protection technology that protects the hair fiber during the lightening process and minimizes breakage
  • With integrated HydroLock technology which ensures improved moisture supply
  • Ammonia-free, pH-neutral formulation that minimises additional hair damage
  • For pre-lightened & darker natural bases 5 to 8
  • Versatile consistency for brush and bottle application
  • Enables sophisticated tone enhacements


Apply to towel dried hair after bleaching and using Blondme mask during washing. Mix BlondMe Deep Toning and BlondMe Premium Developer 2%|7 vol. in a ratio of 1:1. Mix carefully until you get a uniform texture. Apply the colour cream immediately after mixing. Apply the product generously to achieve the most even colour results.Leave on for up to 20 minutes.Check in between. Additional heat is NOT  recommended.

Warning, this product is a product for trained professionals only by purchasing this from Manchester Hair Products you accept that you are trained to use this product.

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