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Revlon Uniqone Lotus Flower leave in Conditioner 150ml

Revlon Uniqone Lotus Flower leave in Conditioner 150ml

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  • The universal Revlon Professional Hair Mask Spray provides comprehensive hair care, saving you from buying many different products since it has a wide range of beneficial effects. 

    Benefits of Revlon Professional Hair Mask Spray: 

    - restores damaged hair; 
    - boosts a beautiful natural shine and silkiness; 
    - intensively nourishes and softens strands; 
    - protects against damaging external factors; 
    - eliminates split ends and hair fragility; 
    - prevents hair loss; 
    - provides thermal protection during hot styling; 
    - untangles the hair, facilitating combing; 
    - enhances the volume; 
    - does not stick the hair together or weigh it down. 

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