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PROCARE MECHE 200 Premium Strips

PROCARE MECHE 200 Premium Strips

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IProcare Premium Short Meche: Streamlined Colour Application, Elevated Results

Procare Premium Short Meche, perfectly sized at 100mm x 92mm, is designed to make colour application easier and more efficient. Here is why Short Meche is your key to achieving stunning results:

Transparent Front Panel: The transparent front panel of our Short Meche offers a clear and unobstructed view of the colour development process. No more guesswork; you can effortlessly monitor the results at a glance.

Versatile for Various Techniques: Whether you are applying highlights, lowlights, or full colour, our Short Meche is versatile and adaptable to a wide range of colouring techniques. It’s the perfect tool for the modern colourist.

Reliable Non-Slip Header Tape: The non-slip header tape secures the meche in place with precision. It holds firmly when dry, ensuring accurate colour placement. When your work is completed, the header tape releases smoothly and easily with just a touch of water.

Professional and Efficient: Procare’s Premium Short Meche simplifies your colour application process. It is a professional yet straightforward way to apply colour, ensuring you achieve the desired results with ease.

Elevate your colouring experience with Procare’s Short Meche, a tool that streamlines your colour application and empowers you to create the looks your clients crave.

Discover the power of simplicity and professionalism in hair colouring.

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