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PROCARE MECHE 200 Premium Long Strips

PROCARE MECHE 200 Premium Long Strips

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Procare Premium Long Meche: Your Colourist’s Secret to Flawless Precision

Long Meche is your ticket to flawless colour application:

Transparent Front Panel: Our Long Meche features a transparent front panel, providing you with an unobstructed view of the colour development process. No need to guess; you can monitor the results at a glance.

Ideal for Varied Techniques: This meche is versatile and perfect for a wide range of colouring techniques. Whether you are creating highlights, lowlights, or full colour applications, our Long Meche has got you covered.

Non-Slip Header Tape: The non-slip header tape is your reliable partner throughout the process. It securely holds the meche in place, ensuring precise colour placement. When your work is done, the header tape releases smoothly and easily with just a touch of water.

Ease of Use: Procare’s Premium Long Meche is designed to simplify your colouring process. Its user-friendly features make it a favourite among hairstylists who demand precision and efficiency.

Elevate your colouring game with Procare’s long meche, a tool that streamlines your colour application and empowers you to create the looks your clients desire.
Unleash the potential of your artistry and enjoy the benefits of Procare Premium Long Meche.

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