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Power Tan Black Onyx Hot Citrus Tingle Tanning Accelerator (250ml)

Power Tan Black Onyx Hot Citrus Tingle Tanning Accelerator (250ml)

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As one of Power Tan's Onyx Collection, Power Tan Black Onyx is unquestionably good.

As well as maximizing the UV absorption, it hydrates the skin and keeps it velvety soft post application to help tackle any dryness that may occur from sun/tanning bed exposure.

The Hot Tingle formula will rapidly make you feel revitalized and ready for summer.

Whilst also being fragranced with Citrus, you will be leaving a fruity aroma trail wherever you may go.

Power Tan Super Black Onyx uses a very powerful and efficient amalgamation of carefully chosen ingredients to create the most effective formula.

It contains the perfect amount of vitamins A, C and E, Alpha Hydroxy Acids and Pycnogenol all of which contribute to healthy looking/feeling skin, post application.

For the best results when using Power Tan Black Onyx, apply generously to entire body immediately before tanning.

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