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Osmo Colour Mission Silverising Conditioner

Osmo Colour Mission Silverising Conditioner

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Osmo Silverising Conditioner is the perfect conditioner for optimising the tone of grey, white or blonde hair.

Osmo is the UK's leading professional hair care brand and the Silverising range is the professionals' choice for reducing yellow tones in blonde shades and also increasing the prominence of silver tones in white or grey hair.

Maintain a beautiful, vivid hair shade with Osmo's sulphate free, ultra-moisturising conditioner.

Osmo Silverising Conditioner gently cleanses hair of unwanted tones without stripping colour. The formula’s deep purple pigment works to gradually eliminate yellow tones to refresh blonde hair.

Rose Absolute and Linseed Oil nourish hair to give a hydrated, silky smooth finish.

Distribute Osmo Silverising Conditioner evenly through wet hair. Massage gently from root to tip, rinse and repeat if necessary. Use with Osmo Silverising Shampoo for best results.

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