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Osmo Chromaplex Bond Builder #1 500ml

Osmo Chromaplex Bond Builder #1 500ml

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CHROMAPLEX is scientifically formulated using OSMO Fibre Bond Technology (FBT), which actively penetrates the hair shaft to repair and prevent damage.

This is achieved through the careful infusion and interaction of unique proteins.

Maximises hair strength by helping restore hair to its natural condition Dramatically reduces breakage by increasing elasticity.

Adds shine by encasing the hair shaft and sealing the outer cuticle

Interacts with the hair strand by filling in gaps and repairing breakage.

Designed to provide optimal strengthening and anti-breakage benefits when mixed with any professional colour/bleachtreatment.

Formulated with Fibre Bond Technology (FBT), hair is protected throughout the chemical process resulting in less damage, increased shine and incredible vibrant colour.

Travels deep inside the hair shaft

Reconnects ravaged hair bonds

Restores elasticity


Adds moisture and strengthening properties


Preserves the hair's moisture

Helps repair damage and breakages

Helps improve colour vibrancy and prolongs the life of vivids.

How to use:

Mixing Ratio: Colour/Bleach: 3ml CHROMAPLEX per 30ml mixture

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