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MHP- Italian Upto 9 Bleach Powder (no Ammonia) 500g

MHP- Italian Upto 9 Bleach Powder (no Ammonia) 500g

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Revolutionize the look thanks to bleaching in a few steps and in total safety. Upto9 is the compact non-volatile bleaching powder with anti-yellow action. Thanks to the MyPlex technology, present within the formulation, it is possible to achieve up to 9 lightening tones by protecting and strengthening the hair fiber during the entire bleaching phase. A professional product created to meet every need.

Levels of lift 9

Active principles:
  • myPlex technology protective and defensive function
  • moisturizing agents of natural origin
Technical features:
  • compact non-volatile powder
  • "ultramarines" pigmentation
  • does not contain ammonia
  • contains ammonium persulfate


MIX 1:2
UPTO9 + White Meches Plus activator (Blue) 


Leave on for 40 MIN. (the exposure time may vary depending on the type of hair, the desired lightening tone and the volumes of oxygen used)


Warning, this product is a product for trained professionals only by purchasing this from Manchester Hair Products you accept that you are trained to use this product.


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