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MHP- Italian Styliss Heat Protector & Smoother

MHP- Italian Styliss Heat Protector & Smoother

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Styliss is the heat-protecting spray that facilitates styling and styling.
A protective film envelops the fibre to protect hair and lengths from the disastrous effects of heat. The gentle non-greasy formula gives shine, softness and eliminates frizz.

Active principles:
  • N.M.F. natural moisturizing factors (urea)
  • sorbitol
Technical features:
  • fluorine polymers with waterproof action
  • it is rich in moisturizing principles and heat-activated ingredients that improve the surface structure of the hair by activating the atmospheric humidity repellent barrier
  • excellent thermal. 


Before straightening, spray styliss smoothing protector onto all hair (see page 47). There are no exposure time to be respected

0,5 cm
Starting from the nape area, separate into small locks (indicative thickness 0.5 cm) and keep the hair taut with the comb pass the plate from the root to the tips. For adjusting degrees and the number of steps see the table

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