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MHP- Italian BBCOS REKREA Hair Porosity Balancer

MHP- Italian BBCOS REKREA Hair Porosity Balancer

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The porosity regulator with neutral pH is the perfect ally to saturate the scales of the cuticles without having to acidify. Rekrea is the professional product of the Art & Tech line with adsorbent and absorbent properties. Thanks to the presence of hydrolyzed keratin it acts in depth and protects the hair structure.


neutral pH

This porosity regulator has been specifically created to work at neutral pH thanks to the presence of selected keratins with strong adsorbent and absorbent properties. They saturate the cuticle scales, without needing to acidify.

Active principles:
  • hydrolyzed keratin
  • rebalance and saturates the porosity of the hair
  • intervenes in depth in damaged areas of the hair
  • strong structural protective action
When to use it?
  • Usual use: before styling
  • Use before a treatment technical ((bleaching or permanent colouring)

ParayFree, Salt Free, Cetrimonium Chloride Free, Silicones Free, SLS Free, Propylene Glycol Free


Spray reKrea onto the hair.

Do not rinse and proceed either with the technical treatment (coloring, bleaching or permanent) or with drying

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