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MHP - Italian Professional Perm Waving Security System 1000ml & 500ml

MHP - Italian Professional Perm Waving Security System 1000ml & 500ml

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The perm to give curly hair the right shape. Four formulations, studied in the laboratory, give life to five professional products capable of treating any type of hair. Security perm is a safe and long-lasting treatment thanks to its special formulation containing cysteine derivatives.

Active principles:
  • based on cysteine
  • Security 0: for hard and strong hair, difficult to work.
  • Security 1: for natural hair.
  • Security 2: for treated hair.
Technical features:
  • contains thioglycolates

  • respects the hair structure
  • suitable for any type of need

Security Fix 1000 ml / 33,81 fl.oz.
Security 500 ml / 16,90 fl.oz.



After shampooing, dab the hair to remove excess water

Assemble the curlersApply the chosen formulation, evenly, over the entire hair
Leave on for 5/15 MIN. depending on the result you want

Rinse thoroughly. Dab the excess water

Apply the neutralizer Security Fix

Leave for 10 MIN.

Rinse thoroughly

Do not wash for 48hrs or linger if possible 


Notes for sale of product; Professional Use- when purchasing you are confirming you have the professional qualifications to use the product


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