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MHP- Italian Curlish Perm with Plex Protector

MHP- Italian Curlish Perm with Plex Protector

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1. Plex protector

Prepare the hair to receive the treatment and to ensure the best final result. The exclusive MyPlex Technology, which brings maleate in formulation, guarantees maximum protection of the hair fiber and protects it from the stress of the permanent.

2. Waving serum

Guarantees strength and hold of the curl, with a formulation free of thioglycolates in order not to attack the hair. The rice and bamboo extracts give elasticity and hydration, ensuring a natural and homogeneous movement, while Cysteamine makes the product delicate and suitable for any type of scalp.

3. Neutralizing serum

It acts in the last phase of treatment, gently reconstructing the natural structure of the hair and ensuring long lasting effect.


Wash the hair with a delicate shampoo

Dab and remove the excess water with a towel

Apply Curlish PlexProtector to all hair

Proceed to mount the bigodes and apply Curlish waving serumevenly on all the bigodes and cover with a plastic cap

Leave on for 5/30 MIN. depending on the type of hair you are working on and the desired effect. During the exposure time carry out various checks to evaluate the real modification process

Rinse thoroughly. Dab the excess water

Apply uniformly on all curlers, Curlish serum neutralizing

Leave on for 5 MIN.then disassemble the curlers and leave to rest for a couple of minutes.

Rinse thoroughly

Apply a conditioner, leave on for a few minutes. Rinse & dry. Use a diffuser to create the best results for curls & do not wash for 2-3 days after perm 






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