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MHP- Italian Emphasis Hair Botox Plumping Shampoo

MHP- Italian Emphasis Hair Botox Plumping Shampoo

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How to awaken the hair's well-being? Choose Plumping Washer Shampoo. A professional product from the Emphasis Yao-Tech line, designed to deeply hydrate and prepare the hair for the treatment. Thanks to the regenerating features contained in the innovative formula, it restores the strength of the hair fibre. 

Active principles:
  • fermented rice water
  • hyaluronic acid
  • collagen
  • products formulated with an Isoepidermal pH, ideal even for the most sensitive and delicate skin types
  • high percentage of naturalness. On average, 90% of the formulas are made up of naturally derived raw materials
  • antioxidant power
  • reduction of environmental impact thanks to bottles made of r-PET (recyclable packaging)

ParabeyFree, Salt Free, Silicones Free


Apply Emphasis Plumping washer shampoo to wet hair and massage

Rinse thoroughly with water and repeat the operation. Dab excess water.

to get the best results use the Emphasis Botox Plumping Conditioner & other products in the range (Emphasis starter kit available) 

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