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MHP- BBCos Emphasis Color-Tech Effect Myplex Kit (6 Products)

MHP- BBCos Emphasis Color-Tech Effect Myplex Kit (6 Products)

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Detox Shampoo 

An innovative approach for the care of coloured, bleached or technically processed hair. The Detox Shampoo of the Emphasisi Color-Tech treatment, together with the HY.NO.RE Complex, offers effective detoxification of the scalp, providing moisture and nourishment to the hair structure.
In addition, the acidic pH contributes to sealing the cuticles, preserving shine and colour durability.

Acidifying Mask 

The Color-Tech treatment continues with the Acidifyng Mask.
Thanks to the active ingredients of the HY.NO.RE. Complex, the mask intensifies brightness and colour vibrancy in treated hair. In addition, it makes hair easy to comb and gives it a soft feel, actively working in the reconstruction of the hair structure, making it stronger and more robust.

Color Lock Controller 

The action of the Lock Controller allows hydration and smoothing of the hair surface, guaranteeing an incredible anti-frizz effect. This porosity regulator is ideal for all hair types. The formula of the spray and the HY.NO.RE. Complexenhance the colour and protect the treated hair.

Stain Out

A reliable companion in the fight against dye stains.
Stainout is a protective and de-pigmenting oil for the skin. Its specialised formulation not only defends the skin but also gently removes any residual traces of pigment on the skin surface. Ideal to apply after Color-Tech treatment to get rid of any unwanted spots.

Myplex Active & Refiner 

The protective restructuring agent designed for long-lasting regenerationand wellbeing of your treated hair through deep-acting. MyPlex is the innovative professional product offered by our Color-Tech treatment. The exclusive formulation of MyPlex Activeand MyPlex Refiner enables a strong and highly effective connection to the hair structure, ensuring a more vigorous and natural appearance.

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