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Lisaplex Pastel Colour 60ml

Lisaplex Pastel Colour 60ml

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A fantastic range, each colour can be made into 3 different colours depending on how long you leave it on your hair for. The longer the length of time the deeper the shade becomes.


Always wear protective gloves

Apply to light or pre-lightened hair (9 or 10 base colour).

Always use the Lisaplex Pastel Activator 8.5 Volume.

Mix 1:2 (eg 30g Pastel Color + 60ml Pastel Activator).

The Cloudy Cream shade can be combined with any of the other pastel colors to reduce their colour intensity (eg add 20g Cloudy Cream to 10g of your chosen Pastel Color + 60ml Pastel Activator.

Processing time is 5-20 minutes without heat, variable depending on the desired strength of result. Do not exceed.

After processing, rinse and lather with lukewarm water and rinse off carefully. For best results, apply Top Care After Colour Shampoo and pH Balancing Conditioner.

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