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L’Oreal Dia Light Semi Permanent Hair Colour 50 ml

L’Oreal Dia Light Semi Permanent Hair Colour 50 ml

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L'Oréal Professionnel Dia Light is an Ammonia-free, semi-permanent, tone-on-tone colour that is specifically formulated for maximum shine and condition. 

Ideal for hair that has been previously coloured, weakened or sensitised. Dia Light is the perfect partner for a colour refresh and toning lengths and ends in between regular colour services.

The unique acid-gel cream technology ensures a seamless blend of colour. Dia Light seals the cuticle for a vinyl-like finish providing ultimate shine and +30% more conditioned hair*. The range consists of a large palette of shades from warm beige to cool ash tones for brunettes and blondes, allowing you to create customisable shades for a personalised colour result. With the technology of Dia Light, it softens the hair fibre, and simply adds tone without any lift.
*After Dia Light application on bleached hair.


Mix in a 1 to 1.5 ratio, i.e. 1 tube (50ml) Dia Light + 75ml of Dia Activateur 6 vol. (1.8%), 9 vol. (2.7%). Wearing suitable disposable gloves, apply quickly to dry hair. Develop up to 20 minutes for all technical services: Pre-colouring, toning, refreshing lengths and ends techniques, adding shine and gloss to previously coloured

Warning, this product is a product for trained professionals only by purchasing this from Manchester Hair Products you accept that you are trained to use this product.

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