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Kerarganic Organic Keratin System Step 2 (Brazilian Blow Dry)

Kerarganic Organic Keratin System Step 2 (Brazilian Blow Dry)

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KERARGANIC® ORGANIC KERATIN SYSTEM - FORMALDEHYDE FREE - STEP 2  is the only of its kind in the market with 24kt gold nanoparticles to intensify brilliance. To make this product stand out we have carefully packed an array of natural extracts and oils, including organic certified ingredients, featuring the miracle of Morocco - Argan oil. In addition to essential amino- and fatty- acids and vitamins, it contains natural keratin which is infused back into the hair shaft during the treatment. The absence of formaldehyde, formaldehyde derivatives and other harsh chemicals has afforded pregnant and breast-feeding women and young girls to enjoy our keratin treatment in the more than 20 countries it has been exported to.


We recommend you watch the you tube video for Kerarganic Keratin Treatment 

1. Only use after pre washing with the Step 1 pre treatment (washed 2 or 3 times) 

2. Blow dry/towel dry to 60-70% for greater absorption of the treatment. 
Divide hair in to 2-4 sections. 
pour step 2 into a mixing bowl pour 30-40ml (small amounts means no waste)
wear protective gloves. Start at the nape of neck and apply using a brush. Small sections and then comb through to spread treatment evenly  on each section Do not over saturate. 
3. Once all hair is covered leave for 15-20 mins 

4. Blow dry up to 90% combing & brushing to ensure tangle free,  this is to  prepare for ironing.  Divide hair in to 2-4 sections. Ironing seals the keratin treatment and straightens the hair 

5. Set temperatures to 400 Fahrenheit or 205 Celsius.  Start at the nape again using small sections & approx 1 inch wide iron 4-6 times (this will depend on hair thickness) . 
6. Rinse hair 

7. use step 3 Keratin Post Treatment Mask, add generous amount on wet hair comb through, Rinse 

8. Dry and style hair 

leave for 1 or 2 days before washing.

Use the post treatment shampoo, conditioner & hair mask to maintain the treatment.  If other products used for this step then the treatment will not last as long. 

Warning, this product is a product for trained professionals only by purchasing this from Manchester Hair Products you accept that you are trained to use this product. Please follow instructs as treatment will not work 


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