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Kerarganic Keratin Clarifying Pre Treatment Step 1

Kerarganic Keratin Clarifying Pre Treatment Step 1

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KERARGANIC® PRE-TREATMENT SHAMPOO - STEP 1 has been designed to cleanse and remove residues and oils accumulated in the hair and scalp to prepare the hair for treatment. In it opens the cuticles so each hair shaft can receive and absorb the essential ingredients contained in our KERARGANIC® ORGANIC KERATIN - FORMALDEHYDE-FREE – LOTION (STEP 2). 

STEP 1 and the application of our specially formulated KERARGANIC® CLARIFYING SHAMPOO are fundamental for the efficacy of our keratin hair therapy.


Wash hair 2 or 3 times with KERARGANIC® PRE-TREATMENT SHAMPOO (STEP 1) to remove residues from scalp and hair and to prepare hair for our ORGANIC KERATIN TREATMENT.

Then blow dry to about 80% to 90% and untangle hair with a comb.

For more information go to Kerarganic website 

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