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Kerarganic Xtreme Repair Restorative Mask 473ml

Kerarganic Xtreme Repair Restorative Mask 473ml

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KERARGANIC's XTREME REPAIR RESTORATIVE MASK is a deep conditioning mask designed to restore and to strengthen each hair shaft from inside out, sealing moisture to keep fibers hydrated and frizz free. Used weekly, it replenishes lost nutrients, mending damages caused by environmental factors and chemical aggression. A unique complex of antioxidants, keratin amino acids, proteins, sunflower seed and green tea extracts and the vitamin packed Argan oil works in synergy to return hair to its healthy state.  result is a superbly shiny and silky hair, enviably bouncy and youthful


Apply mask to wet hair. Comb it to spread mask evenly throughout the hair. Put on a shower cap and leave it on for at least 15 minutes. Then rinse and towel dry. For optimum result, sit under an overhead hair dryer or wear a thermal



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