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Jaguar Pre-style Ergo Slice Scissors 5”

Jaguar Pre-style Ergo Slice Scissors 5”

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These professional scissors from Jaguar have an ergonomic design featuring a removable finger rest for comfortable cutting. Made from stainless steel, one blade is micro serrated to help prevent hair sliding down it.


TheJaguar Prestyle 5in Ergo Slice Scissor is a professional-grade tool designed for precision cutting. With its right-hand orientation, this scissor offers optimal control and comfort. The even handle (Ergo) ensures a secure grip, while the bevelled and micro-serrated blade guarantees clean cuts every time.

Its sleek silver color adds a touch of sophistication to any salon or barbershop setting. The slotted tension screw allows for easy adjustment according to personal preference.

The removable finger rest provides added convenience during use. Upgrade your hair cutting experience with the Jaguar Prestyle 5in Ergo Slice Scissor – an essential tool for any hairstylist or barber looking to achieve flawless results.

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