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Indola #3 Gel Spray 300ml

Indola #3 Gel Spray 300ml

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Indola 4+4 Gel Spray

Holding a hairstyle has just become easy! Indola 4+4 product series is specifically formulated to give your hair the much-needed hold. With the classic range of Extra Strong hairsprays, Styling Mousses and Gel Sprays, you can hold your hair style together. The Hair Gel Spray is perfect for shaping, texturizing, and volumizing the hair. The gel spray is an instant hair pick-me-up that allows you to play with the shape and volume of the hair. The innovative formula offers firm hold while keeping the tresses light-in-weight.

Micro-fine Aerosol Spray for Long-Lasting Hold

The micro-fine aerosol particles in the Texturizing Spray ensure extra strong and lasting hold. Formulated using the Pixel Technology, this aerosol spritz protects your hair from the damage caused due to UV-rays. The hair styling spray is a vitalizing pick-me-up for the hair, providing creative and voluminous up-dos that look sleek and shiny. The best past about Indola 4+4 Gel Spray is that you can experiment with the shapes and designs.

Fast-Drying Formula with Strong Hold

The strong hold spritz works to remove the fear of a loose hairstyle.  The micro-fine particles work to hold the hair do while you effortlessly flaunt a perfect style. The volumizing hair spritz dries quickly and leaves no residue. The moisture-resistant formula prevents the scalp from sweating and holds the style for long period. Widely used by professionals, the hair spray is best for volumizing and molding the hair into desired style.

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