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HIVE B Lashlift Bonding Serum 5ml

HIVE B Lashlift Bonding Serum 5ml

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Designed to adhere client’s lashes to the contour of hive® lash lifting shields promoting the lifting and re-shaping results.


The Hive Bonding Serum is an innovative hair care product that has been specifically developed to repair and strengthen your hair. Utilizing advanced bonding technology, this serum is designed to rebuild the broken bonds in damaged hair. Regardless of whether your hair has been chemically treated, heat-damaged, or naturally weak, this serum offers the ultimate solution. Its deep-penetrating formula nourishes the hair shaft, resulting in improved elasticity and a noticeable shine. Additionally, this serum forms a protective barrier around each hair strand, effectively preventing further damage. With the Hive Bonding Serum, you can achieve healthier and more resilient hair.

Key features of the Hive Bonding Serum include:

  • Made in the UK
  • Effectively holds lashes to the lifting shield



Professional product that requires specific training. When purchasing you are accepting you or the person you are purchasing for are qualified to use the product.

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