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Hive A Lashlift Small Silicone Shields x 10

Hive A Lashlift Small Silicone Shields x 10

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Designed for use with the HIVE® LashLift system and available in 3 sizes, these silicon-based shields provide a unique contour to aid lash re-shaping of natural lashes.

The width of the Lifting Shields can be trimmed in length enabling an absolutely perfect fit on the lash lid.


The Hive Small Silicone Shields are indispensable for any salon professional. Crafted from 100% silicone, these shields offer superior comfort and protection throughout lash lifts or perming treatments.

Available in three distinct sizes to cater to diverse lash lengths, they can be effortlessly trimmed for an exact fit. These shields assure that each client's lashes are flawlessly lifted without causing discomfort or irritation.

Owing to their top-notch construction and customizable fit, the Hive Small Silicone Shields ensure exceptional results consistently. Enhance your salon services with these innovative lash lift accessories today!


Professional product that requires specific training. When purchasing you are accepting you or the person you are purchasing for are qualified to use the product.


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