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Hive A Lashlift Large Silicone Shields x 10

Hive A Lashlift Large Silicone Shields x 10

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Designed for use with the HIVE® LashLift system and available in 3 sizes, these silicon-based shields provide a unique contour to aid lash re-shaping of natural lashes.

The width of the Lifting Shields can be trimmed in length enabling an absolutely perfect fit on the lash lid.


The Hive Large Silicone Shields are made from 100% silicone, guaranteeing robustness and prolonged use. They come in three diverse sizes, enabling easy customization to meet your specific requirements. Whether you're a fan of a subtle curl or seek more striking outcomes, these shields can be cut down to the exact size needed for accurate styling.

It's time to move away from uncomfortable and weak substitutes - these silicone shields offer a comfortable and firm grip on your lashes throughout the complete perming process.

Achieve impressive lash lifts effortlessly with the assistance of The Hive Large Silicone Shields.


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