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HIVE 3 Lashlift Dual Conditioning Serum 10 x 1.5ml

HIVE 3 Lashlift Dual Conditioning Serum 10 x 1.5ml

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A fast-acting serum that moisturises and conditions the eyelashes and eyebrows to maintain Hive LashLift results for up to 6 – 8 weeks.

Aloe Vera promotes smoothness and a healthy shine in the hair. The dual functioning Conditioning Serum (3) gently but effectively removes any Tint or Bonding Serum residue for a fantastic finish.

  • 10 x 1.5ml

The Hive 3 Dual Conditioning Serum is a professional-grade product specifically designed to preserve the vibrancy and longevity of your hair colour for up to 6-8 weeks. This distinct formula, accessible in sets of ten 1.5ml vials, integrates the nourishing attributes of Aloe Vera which not only augments shine but also assists in effectively eliminating tint residue.

With its dual-action conditioning advantages, this serum becomes an indispensable part of any salon hair care regimen, ensuring healthy-looking and radiant locks with every application. It's more than just a product; it’s an investment towards maintaining beautiful coloured hair that looks fresh out from the salon each time.

Thanks to its user-friendly application process and proven results, this serum is poised to transform your approach towards maintaining coloured hair. Trust The Hive 3 Dual Conditioning Serum – because when it comes to caring for your colored strands - we have you covered!



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