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HIVE 2 Lashlift Dual Treatment Lotion 10 x 1.5ml

HIVE 2 Lashlift Dual Treatment Lotion 10 x 1.5ml

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Maintain, fix and hold the perfectly positioned and re-shaped lashes with HIVE Lash Treatment Lotion (2).

Can be used on lashes and eyebrow hairs.

The smooth, silky lotion is applied to the same area as HIVE® Lash Lifting Crème (1) restoring the disulphide bonds in the expertly crafted new shape.

  • 10 x 1.5ml


The Hive 2 Dual Treatment Lotion is an essential item for any lash artist. This easy-to-apply lotion not only maintains the new shape of the lash but also restores disulphide bonds, ensuring enduring results. Each pack contains 10 x 1.5ml bottles, providing ample supply to keep your clients satisfied.

With this innovative treatment lotion from Hive 2, unruly lashes can be transformed into beautifully defined eyes that enhance one's look significantly. It's a product you can rely on for its effectiveness and quality.

This transformative solution turns your client's lashes into works of art that will imbue them with confidence and glamour throughout their day. The impact it makes on their appearance is truly remarkable thanks to this unique formulation by Hive


Professional product that requires specific training. When purchasing you are accepting you or the person you are purchasing for are qualified to use the product.

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