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HIVE 1 Lashlift Dual Lifting Crème 19 x 1.5ml

HIVE 1 Lashlift Dual Lifting Crème 19 x 1.5ml

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Applied to the base of the lashes or on the eyebrow hair, the highly effective crème enhanced with Hydrolysed Silk and Vitamin B3 weakens the disulphide bonds in each hair, allowing them to be re-shaped and lifted around the contour of the shield.

  • 10 x 1.5ml

The Hive 1 Dual Lifting Cream is a high-quality product specifically crafted to provide your lashes with unparalleled lift and volume. Its unique formula, rich in Cocoa Butter, imparts moisture to the lashes while enhancing them with a radiant shine. The cream's ability to restructure and elevate lashes is further enhanced by its inclusion of Hydrolysed Silk and Vitamin B3 - ingredients renowned for their nourishing attributes.

Further enriched with Coconut Butter, this lifting cream ensures that your eyelashes remain hydrated throughout the day. It's perfect for those seeking that much sought-after HIVE® LashLift effect.

This product guarantees superior lash care in every application. Experience an exceptional transformation when you choose Hive 1 Dual Lifting Cream as part of your beauty regimen.


Professional product that requires specific training. When purchasing you are accepting you or the person you are purchasing for are qualified to use the product.

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