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Hair Made Easi Nano and Micro Pliers for Hair Extensions

Hair Made Easi Nano and Micro Pliers for Hair Extensions

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Whether you’re working with individual hair extensions methods using nano rings or micro rings, such as I-Tips and Stick Tips, or using micro rings for weft and weave application, Hair Made Easi Nano and Micro Pliers are an essential part of your kit.

Your Benefits:

Save time and earn more revenue: as the Hair Made Easi Nano and Micro Pliers have been designed for all beaded hair extension methods, you can apply and remove nano ring and micro ring hair extensions with ease, speeding up your service times and fitting in more clients.  

Gentle on your hands: preventing calluses and blisters from repetitive use, the Hair Made Easi nano and Micro Plier’s soft touch handles will protect your hands with the ultimate in comfort grip.

Unique Features:

Perfectly sized holes for EASI removal of rings: positioned within the nose of the pliers, perfectly sized to re-shape your nano rings and micro rings back to open circles. These will then slide out with ease.  

Smooth plates inside the nose: preventing any cracking or scratching. Hair Made Easi Nano & Micro Pliers come with a perfectly sized, flat surface, ideal for ring applications.  

Cushioned handles: for a comfortable grip, preventing potentially sore hands from repeated use.  

Premium quality stainless steel: to provide the most robust tools for long lasting use and finished in a stunning gold colour.  

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