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Hair Made Easi Extra Large Towel Hair Wrap

Hair Made Easi Extra Large Towel Hair Wrap

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Extra Large, Super Absorbent, Ultimate Comfort

Whilst standard size hair wrap towels have been available for a number of years, Hair Made Easi understand their limitations. Not big enough to hold longer hair, too small to fit securely around the head and lack of moisture absorbency.

Enter the new XL Luxury Hair Wrap. 100% longer and wider compared to standard towels and crafted using superior moisture absorbent material. The result is the most comfortable, secure fit for all hair lengths and suitable for all hair types with its soft and gentle texture, delivering faster drying times, helping prevent damage and reduce frizz.

Your Benefits

  • Hold hair lengths up to 24”/60cm: measuring 80cm x 30cm, The XL Luxury Hair Wrap is double the size compared to regular hair wrap towels. Perfect for holding longer or thicker hair whilst preventing tangling.
  • Secure and comfortable fit: with the hair fully enclosed and wrapped in the towel, the turbie can be easily secured and adjusted to suit all head sizes and shapes. With soft elasticated edging designed to form a comfortable yet secure hold around the head. 
  • Helps to prevent damage to hair: with moisture absorbed easily and gently into the towel thanks to the superior moisture-wicking microfibre fabric, less heat is required to fully dry the hair. The faster drying time will also save valuable time on wash days.
  • Reduces frizz: as the luxury microfibre material eliminates friction, keeping the hair cuticle smooth and gently removing moisture compared to traditional towel materials which can overly dry hair, leaving it frizzy and rough.

Unique Features

  • 100% larger compared to standard hair wrap towels, providing plenty of room to comfortably hold longer length hair and hair extensions. 
  • Made from luxury microfibre to provide the ultimate drying experience. The super absorbent material removes the moisture without over drying the hair, reducing drying time and the need for excessive heat. The anti-friction qualities of the fibre leaves hair smoother and reduces frizz. 
  • Flexible band to ensure the hair wrap stays securely in place whilst offering complete control to adjust the hair wrap to fit all head sizes and shapes. 
  • Available in 4 stunning colours: including Dove Grey, Tuscan Teal, Powder Pink and Ultra Violet.
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