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Hair Made Easi - EASILOOP Easi loop hair tool

Hair Made Easi - EASILOOP Easi loop hair tool

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The perfect tool for hair extension micro ring and nano ring application – superior quality, innovative design.

If you are a hair extension specialist working with micro ring and nano ringmethods, the Easiloop Hair Extension Loop Tool is an essential part of your kit. Designed to reduce loading times and make your fittings easier.   

Your Benefits:

Fast loading: the Easiloop hair extension tool’s slim-line tip is designed to load even the smallest silicone lined nano rings with ease, no more struggling to feed the beads onto the loop tool.

Reduces the number of times you need to re-load: holding double the amount of rings compared to standard loop tools, the Easiloop hair extension loop tool will half the number of times you need to re-load during applications.  

Designed for complete control: with a specially texturised handle for secure grip making micro ring and nano ring loading and application stress free.

Unique Features:

Slim-Line Tip: Designed for easier loading compared to a standard loop tool with its slim loop.

Extra Long Threader: holds double the amount of nano and micro rings than a standard loop tool. With easy access for taking sections of hair using your index finger and thumb.  

Ergonomic Handle: the Easiloop tool is constructed from the highest grade stainless steel with the handle perfectly weighted for the ultimate control and comfort during use.

MADE IN THE UK by Hair Made Easi 

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