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Fudge Xpander Whip Conditioner 250ml & 1000ml

Fudge Xpander Whip Conditioner 250ml & 1000ml

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This Fudge Xpander conditioner will help to thicken hairdDensity up by 180%also Enhances hair curl by 80% Volumising and revitalising whilst remaining lightweight

  • Components of OptiPlex complex restore hair damage.
  • Colour Lock complex provides colour protection whereas Fibre Dense complex thickens, lifts and moisturises hair. Thanks to FragranceFuse complex, hair smells nice.
  • How to use:


    Apply conditioner to wet hair. Rub into the hair, focusing on their tips, then rinse thoroughly.

    Result: Thick, dense, strong hair.

    To complement care, we recommend using the Fudge Xpander Shampoo at the same time.

    Fudge Professional is a brand of professional beauty products for hair care and styling. The mission of the company combines traditional hairdressing craft with amazing energy and fun brought by the novelties on the market of hairdressing stylists. With their forms and design, Fudge products encourage continued experimentation and a search for individuality in expressing one’s own style.

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