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Apraise Power Serum Lash & Brow Growth

Apraise Power Serum Lash & Brow Growth

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Appraise Power Serum enhances the natural beauty of the eyes. It contains active ingredients that stimulate the hair follicle to help nourish weak and sparse brows and lashes.


  • Creates fuller and stronger lashes and brows in just 15 days
  • Improves the appearance of brittle, short, thin lashes, and sparse brows
  • Provides optimal hair anchorage helping to reduce daily lash loss


Uncover the incredible benefits of Apraise Power Serum with Optiplex Growth Technology, a groundbreaking product created to enhance the innate beauty of your eyes. This powerful 10ml serum is infused with potent ingredients that revitalize hair follicles, delivering vital nourishment for thin and scarce lashes and brows. Experience visible changes in just 15 days as your lashes grow fuller and stronger, while your brows regain their thickness. Perfect for individuals looking for an efficient remedy for weak or sparse eyelashes/brows, this high-performance serum delivers fast results without sacrificing safety or excellence.

  • Infused with active ingredients
  • Promotes thicker and stronger lashes
  • Ideal solution for weak or sparse eyelashes/brows

The transformative effects of Apraise Power Serum are truly remarkable. With its innovative formula featuring Optiplex Growth Technology, this serum works wonders on improving the appearance of both lashes and brows in just a short amount of time.

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